computer scam

The Web page is dedicated to scamming visitors through the use of misleading pop-ups and alerts. It claims to be providing data about the system's security and privacy but, in reality, does not have the ability to provide such information about your computer. Instead, the scammers have designed the pop-ups manually so that they look like legitimate antivirus prompts, and have filled them with scary warnings about various viruses, alerts, and intrusions.

Thankfully, nothing that says is true. If you encounter these pop-ups and alerts, you should not trust a word they say – they are part of a scam.  The con artists operating are aiming to convince users to pay for useless products and services that the page promotes. Of course, if you send any money, you will not get anything in return. Scam sites like may even try to send you to a phishing page in order to obtain your credit card details.

If you see's messages, you should leave the site immediately and ignore everything it said.

By Ruik
April 28, 2022
April 28, 2022