Remove Web Companion

Web Companion is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP,) which is promoted to users through online ads and redirects, which urge them to install this tool in order to protect their online privacy. According to the utility's official website, it is supposed to keep you safe while you are online by notifying you when you visit locations that may distribute malware, lead to scams, phishing content, or other privacy-intrusive pages. While all of this might sound amazing, Web Companion may also introduce unwanted changes concerning your Web browser – for example, replacing the default new tab or search engine.

Furthermore, users may sometimes end up with Web Companion on their computer even if they did not install it on purpose. This app may be found in software bundles, which uses misleading tricks and instructions to get users to install 3rd-party apps.

If you see prompts and notifications from Web Companion, but you did not install it on purpose, then it might be a good idea to try and remove the application. Keep in mind that it is not dangerous, and it is not mandatory to remove it. In fact, users who are not bothered by the changes it brings can continue to use it. If, however, you wish to dispose of it, then run a reputable security scanner to dispose of Web Companion fully.