Remove ProtectAd

ProtectAd is a shady application for Apple devices, primarily iPhones and iPads. It is advertised as a utility meant to keep your Web browsing sessions free of advertisements and pop-ups. While the software does support this functionality, users might be misled into signing up for ProtectAd's free trial. The small text in the program's description states that users can sign-up for a 3-day free trial – however, they will be charged automatically if they do not opt-out of the trial in the next three days. It seems that the app preys on users who do not pay attention to the instructions, and reviews show that dozens of users have paid the yearly subscription unwillingly.

While the ProtectAd software does fulfill its purpose, it does use some shady tactics to get subscription fees out of its users. If you wish to use ad-blocking software, there are plenty of free applications that allow you to do so without asking you to sign-up for premium features. ProtectAd is classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP,) and you should stay away from it. Furthermore, you can automatically protect your devices from such apps by using an up-to-date security software suite.