What is ValueFlip Adware?


ValueFlip is a piece of ad-supported software or adware for Mac computers.

ValueFlip can be seen in your Applications folder if you have it installed. It offers no useful functionality and its only goal is to deliver ads to your Mac.

This is normal behavior for adware, as the ads displayed generate revenue for the adware makers by serving as many ads as possible.

The issue with this is that adware often delivers ads that are not only unsolicited but can also be sourced from rogue advertising networks. This means the ads may link to potentially unwanted apps, malicious or untrustworthy websites and questionable content, as well as scam or phishing pages.

This sort of behavior is obviously undesirable and it is always advisable to uninstall adware when you find it on your Mac. Luckily, apps similar to ValueFlip usually have poor persistence mechanisms and can be uninstalled just like every other app on your Mac, by dragging them to the Trash and then emptying your Trash.

September 20, 2022