Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups

Two-Factor Authentication Is Not Invincible uses fake anti-robot checks to trick users into subscribing to its notifications. If it hijacks browser notifications, it abuses the feature to deliver ads and drive traffic to its website. The domain may appear trustworthy at first sight, but it is essentially a basic scam, which uses misleading tricks to get the ability to spam your browser with intrusive notifications. The content that brings to your attention is not trustworthy – the links may take you to shady products/services, other scams, and unreliable content.

Needless to say, you should not follow the links that the notifications bring to your attention. Of course, you should not simply allow this unknown page to flood your browser with annoying content. Instead, use your browser settings to make sure that's permissions to use notifications are blocked.

To avoid such scams in the future, be wary of websites, which ask you to click 'Allow' in order to play a video, download a file, or to confirm that you are not a robot. Online con artists are using thousands of fake websites like to hijack browser notifications.

May 17, 2021