Remove '' Pop-Ups

'' is a fake website, which has been set up with the sole purpose of distributing fake warnings and alerts. The goal of the '' Pop-Ups is to convince visitors that there is a dangerous virus active on their Android or iOS device, and that they must take immediate action to fix the problem. However, these warnings are fake, and you can rest assured that a shady website like does not have the ability to scan your device for malware.

The whole purpose of the '' Pop-Ups is to get users to download a shady application, which poses as a helpful security utility compatible with Android or iOS. The software, however, is not reliable – it may display more fake details, and even ask the user to purchase an unnecessary premium version.

When you encounter a website that claims to tell you about active threats on your phone or computer, you should know that it is certainly a scam. Never follow the instructions such websites display, and remember not to agree to download any of the tools they promote. Typically, users encounter the '' Pop-Ups because they were browsing low-quality websites – stick to visiting reputable Web destinations. If you only see the '' Pop-Ups when you visit a particular website, then we advise you to avoid it from now on.

June 4, 2021