Remove Pop-Ups

Writing Down Passwords is a malicious website whose contents try to promote shady software and services that may cause a lot of problems to users who trust them. The majority of complaints about messages and pop-ups come from owners of Apple devices, but the website is also likely to have messages tailored to mention Windows issues. Typically, tells visitors that their device (usually an iPhone) is infected by multiple viruses, which may cause permanent damage to their storage and battery, as well as provide remote criminals with the ability to access the victim's files, passwords, and other data. Needless to say, such warnings can sound very concerning, and inexperienced Internet users might be unaware that this is all a scam.

None of's messages and pop-ups are a reliable source of information. Their sole goal is to convince you to interact with fake products and services that may end up costing you hundreds of dollars, without giving you anything of value.

The good news is that seeing's Pop-Ups is unlikely to be caused by intrusive software – instead, it usually happens because you are browsing low-quality and non-trustworthy websites. To avoid seeing pop-ups of this sort, you should stay away from unknown pages and stick to reputable websites.

April 14, 2021