How to Avoid Ads

adware popups

Theupgradedata dot com is a misleading page that uses a fake anti-bot check to push ads into your browser.

There are hundreds of similar domains running the exact same misleading content, all of them posing as an anti-bot check portal. The page will have a blank white background with an image of a robot and text urging the user to click "allow" to prove they are not a robot.

This is not a legitimate anti-bot check. The misleading pages use the fake setup to get users to permit push notifications from the misleading page by clicking "allow" in the browser's interface.

The issue with this is that similar misleading sites often work together with rogue advertising networks and deliver their ads. This means the ads Theupgradedata dot com can later push in your browser may link to other untrustworthy websites, scam or phishing pages, questionable content or potentially unwanted program installers.

Remember you should never click any buttons or links on pages that show you no content and ask you to click "allow" before they load. All of them will be misleading sites of this kind.

November 29, 2022