How to Avoid Ads

Onesoftwareupdater dot com is a misleading website with a misleading, fake anti-bot check on it.

This sort of misleading page pushes some sort of fake anti-bot check, disguising it either as a fake Captcha or a simple image of a robot with text telling the user to "click allow".

The purpose of the fake anti-bot checks is to get the user to accept push notifications from the misleading page. Push notification functionality is abused by such sites to spam the user's browser with ads.

The main issue here is not even that the ads are slipped by without explicit consent and under false pretenses. The biggest problem is that those ads are often sourced through rogue ad networks.

This means that the ads may link to unsafe online locations, scam and phishing pages, fake giveaways and surveys that collect personal information and questionable content in general.

If you run into a similar page, simply close it immediately and move on.

November 24, 2022