How to Stop Pop-Ups

browser hijacker popups ads

Takecontent dot net is one of the hundreds of similar websites that attempt to get the user to allow push notifications and pop-up ads using a fake anti-bot check.

When a user lands on Takecontent dot net, they will be faced with a cute stylized drawing of several robots and a line of text that reads: "You are not a robot, check! Press the permit button to make sure you don't have a robot".

Even if we look past the broken English used and the multiple mistakes, the website's interface looks nothing like a legitimate anti-bot check. The page on Takecontent dot net will display a browser dialog box asking you to press "allow" under the false pretense this is a bot check.

In reality, clicking "allow" will give the site permission to push intrusive pop-up ads and notifications to your system. A large part of the content served through these ads and pop-ups may be sourced from rogue advertising networks, which means it can lead to unsafe sites and contain questionable content.

The safest thing you can do when you land on a similar page is to simply close the browser entirely and never interact with any element on the page, as this may lead to accidentally allowing pop-ups and causing you issues in the future.

May 10, 2022