Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups is a Web page, which shows misleading and fake pop-ups trying to trick users into thinking that they can unlock additional content or pass an anti-robot check by clicking 'Allow' on the alert that shows. Users who choose to follow's instructions will unknowingly subscribe to's alerts and notifications. Because of this change, users will end up seeing dozens of intrusive notifications every time they run their Web browser.

Of course, is not like legitimate websites. It does not use notifications to deliver relevant updates and content – instead, it abuses the feature to show countless of ads and links to suspicious pages and content. The notifications may often take you to scams and other misleading content. We advise you not to follow links promoted by's notifications.

If you see content from regularly, you should try to limit this page's permissions. You can do this by opening your browser settings and then disabling's ability to use notifications.

May 25, 2021