Remove SuperVideoSearch

SuperVideoSearch is an intrusive add-on for Web browsers. Users might be tricked into installing it either by interacting with fake content or being misled into thinking that SuperVideoSearch has important features and utilities to offer. In reality, SuperVideoSearch does not help you find entertaining videos online – contrary to what its name suggests. Instead, users who install it will end up having their Web browser settings modified without their knowledge.

The changes that SuperVideoSearch brings are not necessarily harmful, but they may hinder your Web browsing experience. You may be redirected to when you open a new tab, or to when you try to search the Web. These redirects are likely to expose you to low-quality search results, unsolicited ads, and other irrelevant content.

SuperVideoSearch is considered to be a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP.) While it is not dangerous, you should still not allow it to run on your device. It tampers with browser settings without your permission and will try to prevent you from restoring your new tab page and search aggregator. It is recommended to remove SuperVideoSearch fully by running an up-to-date PC security tool.