What Does The Style Flex Browser Hijacker Do?

Style Flex is the name of a browser extension that claims to have some dubious functionality at best, but in reality functions as a browser hijacker.

Style Flex claims it can "change webpage content alignment left right center". It's a bit of a mystery why you would want this sort of functionality in the first place, but that's not the issue with Style Flex.

The problem here is that the ads displayed by this type of browser hijacker may be sourced through rogue ad networks and link to unsafe online locations, including scam and phishing pages, questionable content, potentially unwanted app installers or misleading websites.

This type of browser hijacker posing as a useful addon is often distributed through bundle installers and less reputable websites that offer free downloads. If you need a particular application, try to obtain it from its publisher's website or a properly curated download portal to avoid running into browser hijackers similar to Style Flex.

August 4, 2022