Findquide Browser Hijacker

web browser hijacker

Findquide is the name of a browser hijacker and a piece of potentially unwanted software. Potentially unwanted programs inhabit a grey area, existing somewhere in-between legitimate applications and full-blown malware.

Findquide may find itself inside any browser you use, whether this is Chrome, Firefox or some of the other popular platforms. Once in your browser, it may exhibit a number of undesirable patterns of behavior. These include changing the browser's default search engine and homepage, as well as the contents of new tabs.

Those changes are made without asking the user for explicit permission, which makes applications like Findquide potentially unwanted programs.

In addition to those traits, Findquide may also record the user's browsing habits, search queries and browsing history. This information may seem trivial, but if collected from enough users in a big enough data set, it may be sold to third parties, usually advertising companies, for profit. Collecting this sort of information without consent is another issue with apps similar to Findquide.

June 15, 2022