Actarpluctess Browser Hijacker

browser pop-up

Actarpluctess is the name of a browser hijacker and the Actarpluctess dot com domain associated with it.

Browser hijackers are classified as potentially unwanted programs or PUPs. PUPs are a category of applications that exists somewhere between legitimate apps and malware. A PUP will add nothing of value to your browsing or overall user experience, hence the name "potentially unwanted program".

Actarpluctess and similar applications may do a number of modifications to your favorite browser. Those changes include swapping out its home page URL and modifying the default search engine - the one that is used when you type your search query directly into the address bar.

Additionally, browser hijackers can log and store search queries performed by the user. This information is often sold to third-party entities, usually advertising networks. When this sort of thing takes place without informing the user very clearly and receiving their explicit consent, it becomes an issue and is also the reason why similar applications are considered "potentially unwanted programs".

In the majority of cases, removal is easy and painless, as a lot of browser hijackers manifest themselves as browser extensions that are very easy to remove.

June 29, 2022