Remove StreamUltraSearch

pup potentially unwanted program

StreamUltraSearch is a browser add-on whose installation may bring undesired changes to your system's behavior. It typically affects Web browsers by replacing their default new tab page and search engine with a 3rd-party site. The bad news is that the Web page that StreamUltraSearch promotes is not a trustworthy one. It promotes a low-quality search engine found at the page

Users might be tempted to install StreamUltraSearch because it promises to help them find relevant streams and other media online. Unfortunately, anyone who installs StreamUltraSearch is in for a disappointment – the add-on does not fulfill its promise. Instead, the only change it does is to introduce the aforementioned search service to your Web browser.

While neither StreamUltraSearch nor the website it promotes are dangerous, using them regularly might be a bad idea. delivers low-quality search results, and often prioritizes advertisements and sponsored content. Needless to say, this will diminish your ability to search and navigate the Web. If you find StreamUltraSearch on your system, we advise you to take the necessary steps to remove it. The easiest way to achieve this is to run a suitable PC security tool.