Remove Really Good Search

The Really Good Search add-on for Web browsers is a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP) which could cause annoying problems. The official website of Really Good Search advertises it as a search-enhancing utility that, supposedly, helps users find relevant content online. In addition to the official download page, the Really Good Search Add-on may also reach your system through fake downloads, deceptive ads, and software bundles. Thankfully, the installation of this software is not risky – it does not possess any harmful properties.

Is Really Good Search Legit?

We would not advise anyone to use Really Good Search because this add-on relies on misleading promises and advertisements to trick users into trusting it. Once installed, it will only replace your Web browser's default search engine and new tab page with an alternative search service called LiveSearching. You might have also heard of the 'LiveSearching hijacker' – it is another name for Really Good Search.

The website that Really Good Search promotes can search the Web, but it does not provide results that are as reputable as the ones you would get from Google, Bing, Yahoo, or other reputable search services. On top of this, the Really Good Search website may often prioritize showing sponsored results and ads that generate ad revenue for the add-on's creators.

Needless to say, Really Good Search does not aim to enhance your online experience – instead, it focuses on generating ad revenue for its creators. If you find Really Good Search on your device, you should handle this PUP's removal by running a suitable security tool.

November 22, 2021