How to Stop Ad Pop-Ups

Steadycaptcha dot live is a misleading website that will attempt to fool users into thinking they are performing an anti-bot check, while in reality they would be accepting unsolicited ads.

Misleading websites of this kind are a dime a dozen and come in several different flavors. The two things they have in common are that they are all misleading and that they never have any real content on them, beyond the picture of a robot meant to imply an anti-bot check and the text telling the user to "click allow".

Misleading sites will try to disguise push notifications as a legitimate anti-bot check. Accepting the push notifications only means accepting ads, commonly sourced from rogue ad networks. This, in turn, means the ads may link to unsafe locations, including other misleading websites, scam or phishing pages, fake surveys and giveaways and other questionable content.

If you land on a similar page, be aware that this is not a real anti-bot check but a cheap attempt to turn your browser into a cash cow for the party running the misleading website, while also exposing you to potentially unsafe ads.

November 22, 2022