How to Stop Ad Pop-Ups

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Blueskymotions dot net is a misleading page that will attempt to push ads inside your browser of choice.

When you load the page at Blueskymotions dot net, you will see a blank white background with an animated loading bar on it, and text saying "Please tap the allow button to continue".

This is a very simple and very generic setup used on hundreds of misleading sites. There is no content hidden on Blueskymotions dot net behind the fake loading animation. It's just a trick to get the visitor to allow push notifications from the site.

The misleading page will abuse this to push ads in the user's browser. The ads displayed are often sourced from rogue ad networks and may link to unsafe online locations, other untrustworthy pages or potentially unwanted applications.

You should never click buttons or links on similar suspicious pages and should know that many websites exist only to mislead you and deliver ads in your browser.

November 2, 2022