How to Avoid Ad Pop-Ups

Headcaptcha dot live is a misleading website that masks its attempts to push ads in your browser behind fake anti-bot checks.

When you land on Headcaptcha dot live, you will see a generic template used by hundreds of misleading websites - a blank background with an image of a robot and large text that tells you to "click allow to confirm you are not a robot".

This is not a valid or legitimate anti-bot check, as those simply don't work this way. It's just a simple trick to get the user to allow ads in their browser, with the misleading site abusing push notification functionality to send those ads and asking for permission under false pretenses.

Misleading websites of this kind would often work with rogue advertising networks. This means the ads delivered to your browser may link to questionable content, other misleading websites, potentially unwanted program installers and scam or phishing pages.

If you see a website that asks you to click "allow" anywhere on it first thing when the page loads, without showing any meaningful content, simply close the browser tab and move on.

October 12, 2022