Remove SportSearchNow

SportSearchNow is a browser add-on, which users may install because it promises to supply them with entertaining news and updates from the world of sports. Furthermore, it may trick some users into believing that it can help them access sports streams that they can view for free. However, if you are one of the people to install SportSearchNow, you may end up with a very different experience.

Why is SportSearchNow Shady?

The first notable thing about this app is that antivirus software identifies it as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP.) This means that it does not possess harmful qualities, but may exhibit strange and intrusive behavior. For example, SportSearchNow changes your Web browser's default search engine to In the meantime, it may also set the default new tab to While these actions are not threatening, they do not enhance your browsing experience in any way.

Using SportSearchNow's websites is not great either. They may provide low-quality search results and, instead, focus on showing ads and sponsored results. It appears that this PUP is designed to boost the ad revenue that its creators receive. If you try to undo any of SportSearchNow's changes manually, you are unlikely to succeed. This is because the add-on regularly checks the browser configuration, and undoes any changes that it does not agree with.

To successfully free your Web browser from SportSearchNow, you will need to use up-to-date security software. While manual removal is also possible, it may not guarantee the full elimination of the PUP. To remove SportSearchNow, use your favorite Windows anti-malware tool. After this, fix your browser configuraton manually.

September 23, 2021