Snick Ransomware Encrypts Several Files


Snick Ransomware is a dangerous malware threat that comes from the Makop family of malware threats. The actions of Snick Ransomware start with seeking out certain files, encrypting them, and then appending the .snick file extension for each of them.

While the files encrypted by Snick Ransomware are easily identifiable, they cannot be accessed any longer because they are encrypted by the Snick Ransomware threat. To regain access to those files, Snick Ransomware offers computer users a method of paying a ransom to supposedly restore the files, which we do not recommend.

Instead of paying ransom fees, it is best that computer users victimized by Snick Ransomware utilize an antimalware resource to safely remove the Snick Ransomware threat and then use a recent backup of the affected system to restore any files that remain encrypted.

March 3, 2022