Uses Fake Virus Scare to Push Ads


Safetyremind dot xyz is a rogue website that will display fake virus warning messages and will try to get annoying ads into the visitor's browser.

When you land on Safetyremind dot xyz, you will be greeted with a very obviously fake antivirus software window, contained inside the browser tab, showing an equally fake scan. The fake scan will keep finding fake threats and try to convince the visitor that their system is infected with dangerous malware.

Along with this, the page will use McAfee branding and imagery, in an attempt to make the whole fake setup look more convincing, even though the page has nothing to do with the legitimate software.

At the same time, the page will also trigger the browser's default "allow notifications" dialog box to appear, hoping that the user will click "allow". Doing this will only give the site permission to spam your browser with intrusive and potentially harmful ads and pop-ups.

A lot of similar rogue websites work with rogue advertising networks and deliver ads sourced through them. This means that the ads may link to other misleading pages, potentially unwanted programs, scams or questionable content.

Remember that a random online page cannot directly scan your system for viruses and cannot produce the sort of results you see in similar fake virus scans. If you run into similar pages, simply close your browser and walk away.

June 16, 2022