What is the RSEngineSvc.exe File and Process?

Rsenginesvc.exe is the name of a file and the process associated with it. In most cases and instances of this file, it will be part of a legitimate antivirus product made by a company named Reason Cyber Security.

In the vast majority of cases, this process will be the legitimate "engine service" used by the legitimate antivirus product, as the filename implies. There are a few markers you can check for if you have suspicions concerning the executable file.

First of all, make sure it is located inside the appropriate location - inside the folder belonging to the legitimate antivirus product. If you find rsEngineSvc.exe in a strange location, for example, your temporary files folder, it may be a malicious file that is using the name of a legitimate process to mask its activity.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to processes like this, as many malicious files would abuse the names of legitimate files and processes. If you have any doubts about a certain file or process, run it through your antivirus scanner of choice.

Beware Of Illegitimate rsEngineSvc Process That Is A Cryptominer Malware Threat

November 23, 2022