Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups

popups is a fake Web page, which you may see because of online ads, pop-ups, and redirects. Its name suggests that it is supposed to host anti-robot checks and measures. It also pretends to host such content, because all visitors will see a prompt asking them to confirm they are not a robot. Allegedly, they can do this by pressing 'Allow' on the prompt that shows. However, you should know that following this website's instructions is a bad idea.

Why is Misleading?

The good news is that this page is not dangerous. However, it uses a fake anti-robot to check to trick you into subscribing to its notifications. This minor change might not sound like a major annoyance, but we assure you that's behavior can be very disruptive. Users who fall for the low-level scam will enable this website's notifications in their browser, regardless if it is Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or something else.The notifications will then start to appear every few minutes. Their content is not trustworthy, and they will often promote all sorts of shady content – fake products/services, misleading websites, fake raffles, and even other scams.

Needless to say, the best way to stay safe in this scenario is to ignore all content you see in the notifications. Of course, you should not allow this website to freely spam you. You need to take the required steps to remove's permissions immediately. Learn how to do this by taking a look at these tips on how to stop annoying notifications in Web browsers. Once you block's permissions, you will no longer see the spam from this website.

By Ruik
October 5, 2021
October 5, 2021