Remove Notifications and Pop-Ups is a fake Web page, which exists with the sole purpose of hijacking browser notifications. You may see it because of online ads, redirects, and pop-ups. The website does not host any valuable or entertaining content, but its messages may insist otherwise. Users who encounter may see messages saying that they need to click 'Allow.' Allegedly, this action will result in:

  • Enabling video playback and unlocking media.
  • Confirming your request to download a file.
  • Confirming you are not a robot, and unlocking more content.
  • Participating in a raffle to win prizes.

The promises that makes may sound exciting, but they are entirely fake. You will not get any valuable updates because of following the instructions of the website. Instead, you will subscribe to the notifications.

This change is not dangerous, but it is guaranteed to ruin your Web browsing experience. will spam your browser with intrusive notifications all the time, and it might often bring scams and shady content to your attention. It is not uncommon for these notifications to show scams, fake products/services, and even potentially dangerous sites.

You should not follow any links or content you see in the notifications. Instead, fix the issue immediately with our help – how to stop annoying notifications in Web browsers.

August 19, 2021