How to Avoid Ads

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Pushycaptcha dot live is a misleading website that displays fake anti-bot checks to confuse the user and coax them into accepting ads in their browser.

The page will load a blank white background with no content on it, showing just an image of a robot and a message that tells you to "click allow to confirm you are not a robot". This is not how anti-bot checks work and is just a front to mislead the user. The goal is to get the visitor to click "allow" and permit ads in their browser, sent through push notifications.

Misleading pages of this kind work in conjunction with rogue ad networks and will often deliver their ads exclusively. Rogue ads are particularly dangerous as they may link to scam or phishing pages, other untrustworthy websites and questionable online content or fake surveys and giveaways that collect personal information.

If you land on Pushycaptcha dot live or any similar page trying to disguise accepting push notifications as an anti-bot check, you should immediately close the page without interacting with any buttons on the page, to avoid getting ads in your browser.

November 17, 2022