'Properties' Chrome Browser Hijacker

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Browser hijackers are arguably the most common type of badware that affects Mac computers. "Properties" is the name of one such browser hijacker that can affect Macs and instances of Chrome installed on them.

Having the "Properties" browser hijacker on your system may lead to your browser's settings being changed without your knowledge, including the home page and default search engine, among others. In addition to this, a browser hijacker can often modify the content of the pages you browse.

This behavior can be manifested through both ads being injected into pages you browse or through pop-up windows containing ads. Both of those will slow your browser and connection down and may redirect to potentially harmful sites, in case the ads are sourced through rogue ad networks, which is common practice with browser hijackers.

The same potentially unwanted program has been spotted on Windows machines as well, with a more serious persistence mechanism, allowing it to keep affecting the browser after being manually removed from it.

By Zaib
June 15, 2022
June 15, 2022