Ursearch.net Browser Hijacker

browser hijacker

Ursearch dot net is the name of a browser hijacker that will change a number of settings on your system and in your browser, ultimately damaging your browsing experience.

Browser hijackers can change the browser's home page and default search engine used when you type directly in the address bar. This behavior is undesirable because those changes happen without informing the user about them.

Additionally, Ursearch may track your browsing activity and habits and store this information to sell it to third parties, usually advertisers. This sort of data collection is never desirable and when it happens without informing the user about it in a very clear and explicit manner, it simply makes the application in question a PUP or a potentially unwanted program.

Finally, browser hijackers can display injected ads and referral links inside your search result pages, sending you to potentially unsafe pages. All of this combined makes the presence of similar applications on your system and inside your browser undesirable.

Thankfully, most browser hijackers can be removed from the browser and the computer with relative ease.

June 15, 2022