Prime.exe Cryptominer Malware File Could Be Lurking on Your Computer Ready To Mine Cryptocurrency

Prime.exe is the file name of a newly discovered cryptomining malware. A cryptominer or coin miner malware is a type of malicious software that abuses the victim system's resources to mine cryptocurrency for the benefit of the malware's operator.

Like most other cryptomining malware, Prime.exe will try to keep a low profile on the victim system and abuse its hardware resources for as long as possible. Cryptominers usually use the system's GPU and CPU to perform calculations related to cryptocurrency mining. Those are typically high-intensity tasks and operations and running them would exert considerable stress on the victim system.

Signs of having Prime.exe or another similar cryptominer malware on your system will include overall slowdown, programs taking too long to boot up, streaming videos being choppy and games being almost unplayable.

The heavy stress put on your hardware will prevent it from doing its normal tasks, as all CPU cycles and GPU power will be drained by Prime.exe or similar cryptominers.

You should remove Prime.exe from your system as quickly as possible to restore your PC to normal working order and minimize any potential damage to system components caused by prolonged extreme stress.

By Zaib
June 9, 2022
June 9, 2022