PrimaryRotator Mac Adware Pop-Ups Are A Nuisance That You'll Want To Stop

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PrimaryRotator is the random and largely nonsensical name of yet another piece of adware belonging to the AdLoad family.

PrimaryRotator, just like all other AdLoad variants on Mac, uses a randomly generated name that produces usually absurd and nonsensical results. The adware also uses a generic-looking icon that helps it hide well among your other applications on your Mac.

Adware of any kind, whether it's an AdLoad variant or some other ad-supported app, may often partner up with rogue online advertising networks.

This means that the ads that adware like PrimaryRotator delivers in your browser are not simply annoying, but they may also refer you to questionable content, misleading websites, potentially unwanted apps and other untrustworthy websites.

This makes any adware app, PrimaryRotator or any other, an unwanted presence on your Mac. Removing similar adware apps is relatively easy as most of them do not have meaningful persistence mechanisms and dragging them onto the Trash is usually enough.

November 15, 2022