ParameterBuffer Adware


ParameterBuffer is an adware application that is affiliated with the AdLoad malware family. This application is designed to conduct intrusive advertising campaigns.

Adware, short for advertising-supported software, executes intrusive advertising campaigns by facilitating the display of third-party graphical content (such as pop-ups, surveys, coupons, overlays, etc.) on various interfaces.

These advertisements primarily endorse online scams, unreliable or hazardous software, and even malware. Clicking on certain intrusive ads may trigger scripts for discreet downloads or installations. Scammers often exploit content affiliate programs to gain illegitimate commissions through this process.

Adware may require specific conditions to initiate intrusive advertising campaigns, such as compatible browser/system specifications or visits to particular sites. However, even if ParameterBuffer does not currently display ads, its presence on a system poses a threat to device integrity and user safety.

While AdLoad applications often exhibit browser hijacker traits, our testing did not reveal these functionalities in ParameterBuffer.

Advertising-supported software commonly possesses data-tracking capabilities, and this may be applicable to the ParameterBuffer app. Information of interest may encompass browsing and search engine histories, internet cookies, account login credentials, personally identifiable details, financial data, and more. This sensitive information can be monetized through sale to third parties.

How Can You Keep Your Computer Free of Adware?

Keeping your computer free of adware involves adopting good security practices and maintaining a vigilant approach to online activities. Here are some effective steps to help prevent adware infections:

Use Reputable Security Software:
Install and regularly update reputable antivirus and anti-malware software. Enable real-time scanning to detect and remove potential threats, including adware.

Keep Software Updated:
Regularly update your operating system, browsers, and all installed software. Software updates often include security patches that can protect your system from vulnerabilities exploited by adware.

Exercise Caution with Downloads:
Only download software and files from trusted sources. Be cautious of free software downloads from less reputable websites, as they may bundle adware with the installation.

Customize Installation Options:
When installing software, choose custom or advanced installation options. This allows you to review and deselect any additional software or adware that may be bundled with the intended program.

Be Cautious with Email Attachments:
Avoid opening email attachments from unknown or suspicious sources. Email attachments can be a common method for spreading adware and other malware.

Configure Browser Settings:
Adjust your browser settings to enhance security. Disable unnecessary browser extensions, plugins, and features that may increase the risk of adware.

February 19, 2024

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