How to Remove Optical Rate Pro

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Optical Rate Pro, or OpticalRatePro, is an intrusive browser add-on for Google Chrome. Since it runs via the Web browser, it can easily be installed on both Mac and Windows systems. Users are unlikely to find an official website linked to this add-on since it appears to be distributed exclusively through the help of deceptive ads and downloads, as well as via software bundles. The latter trick is the most common – users download a freeware app and are prompted to install Optical Rate Pro during the installation process. This prompt is often ignored by users, and they unknowingly introduce the Optical Rate Pro Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP.)

The purpose of Optical Rate Pro seems to be to modify the settings of the affected Web browser so that it redirects the user's searches through multiple websites before it eventually sends them to Yahoo Search. These random redirects may generate ad revenue for the developers of the add-on, and they may also be used to generate traffic for low-quality websites. Users who encountered the Optical Rate Pro add-on report that trying to switch their search engine back did nothing. Even worse, trying to remove the extension resulted in seeing the 'Managed by your organization' Error. The latter happens because Optical Rate Pro is taking advantage of the 'ExtensionInstallForcelist' Chrome Policy.

Thankfully, the intrusive changes described above are not irreversible. All that users need to do is to run an up-to-date Mac or Windows security scanner, which will ensure the full removal of the Optical Rate Pro PUP.

April 30, 2021

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