Remove SectionBuffer

SectionBuffer is an intrusive Mac application identified as a Potentially Unwanted Program (PUP.) It promotes low-quality search engines by replacing the settings of Web browsers. During the installation process, SectionBuffer may not reveal its true intentions, and users affected by it may be unaware of the changes they are about to introduce to their Web browser. SectionBuffer does not have an official website, and it is being spread exclusively through the use of deceptive ads, low-quality websites, fake downloads, and software bundles. While SectionBuffer is not dangerous, you should not allow it to continue existing on your Mac since it is likely to hinder your Web browsing experience.

The websites that SectionBuffer promotes are not affiliated with reputable companies, and there is no guarantee that they will stay online for long. In fact, SectionBuffer's search engines may go offline tomorrow, and using your browser's search will become even more tedious. To revert the changes that SectionBuffer brought, you should run a reputable Mac security tool to dispose of the software. Trying to restore your browser's settings without removing SectionBuffer first may be futile since this PUP will regularly check your settings and reapply its own configuration if anything has changed.

April 29, 2021