Remove EssentialDesktop

EssentialDesktop is a Potentially Unwanted Program for Mac, which may replace the browser's new tab page or search engine. This program could be distributed via third-party software bundles. The application may also arrive at the computer through suspicious websites, low-quality software bundles, or misleading content. It offers no redeemable features, and its sole purpose is to bring traffic to the website's owned by its creator.

The search engines that EssentialDesktop promotes to Mac users are not of the highest quality, and users are likely to encounter more ads and sponsored results than usual. Furthermore, you can rest assured that EssentialDesktop's quality is nowhere close to high-level competitors like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Usually, the first symptom of having a PUP like EssentialDesktop on your computer is noticing that your searches are redirected to an unknown site all of a sudden. If you are experiencing this issue, then we suggest that you run a reputable Mac security application, which will help remove intrusive software. Once EssentialDesktop has been removed from your computer, any changes that it brought should be reverted automatically.

April 29, 2021

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