Remove Ooss Ransomware

Dealing with file-lockers is never easy. While removing the malware itself is not that difficult, recovering from the attack may sometimes be impossible. Such is the case with the Ooss Ransomware. This variant of the STOP/Djvu Ransomware is not decryptable via free tools. Its victims often need to resort to alternative data recovery tools, but these rarely deliver satisfying results. At this point, the only reliable way to undo Ooss Ransomware's damage is to restore the lost files from a backup. Sadly, this option is not available to all victims.

Ooss Ransomware Authors Give Victims 72 Hours to Pay

The Ooss Ransomware attack usually occurs when users download a shady file from the Internet – a game crack, a software activator, or even a bogus email attachment. Once the malware is launched, the only line of defense that can stop it is a reputable anti-malware application. If you do not use one of those, then the Ooss Ransomware may start encrypting your files. It will go after numerous file formats – documents, archives, databases, media, and many others. Once it locks a file, it will also add the suffix '.ooss' to its name. Other tasks that the Ooss Ransomware performs include wiping out Shadow Volume Copies/Restore Points and creating the ransom note '_readme.txt.'

Ooss Ransomware Ransom Note

The ransom document advises victims to stay away from 3rd-party recovery tools. According to the attackers, trying to use such software may result in the victim's files being damaged permanently. You should not fall for their bluff – they just want to leave you under the impression that their help is the only way out. The criminals promise to provide a decryptor to all victims who agree to pay $490 via Bitcoin. The ransom fee will be $490 for the first 72 hours – after this, the criminals will double iot.

Last but not least, the crooks offer to unlock 1-2 small files for free if victims send them to or You can use this opportunity to restore at least some small but important files. However, we would not advise you to pay. The risk of the criminals scamming you is too high. Instead, eliminate the Ooss Ransomware with antivirus software, and then try alternative feel restoration options.

September 10, 2021

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