Why the Oodrampi Browser Hijacker is dangerous

browser hijacker

Oodrampi is a browser hijacker that can end up installed inside your browser of choice.

Browser hijackers are a subclass of potentially unwanted programs. Potentially unwanted programs in turn are a class of software that exists between legitimate software and full-blown malicious applications or malware.

Oodrampi, just like most other browser hijackers, will change a number of settings inside your favorite browser. Those changes include changing the homepage and empty new tab content of your browsers. Those changes usually take place without any sort of disclosure and without asking for explicit consent from the user.

This is undesirable behavior on its own, but this is often compounded by the fact that browser hijackers can collect information on the user's browsing habits and can store this information for possible future re-sale to third parties, usually advertisers.

Remove Oodrampi if you find any traces of it on your system. You can likely find it in your programs list or your browser's extensions menu.

September 15, 2022