Stop Pop-Ups

Onlinenothome dot com is a garden-variety misleading website, one of the hundreds if not thousands of its kind, all attempting the same thing - to shove intrusive, annoying, and potentially dangerous advertising and pop-ups in the user's browser.

Once a user lands on Onlinenothome dot com, they will be presented with the default browser dialog box for allowing push notifications. To mask what is really going on and trick the user into allowing notifications, the page will also display large text that reads "Click 'Allow' to confirm that you are not a robot".

This is all a setup. There is no legitimate anti-bot check on the page and the text is intended to trick the user into allowing notifications. Doing so will result in the website pushing notifications and ad pop-ups to the user's browser.

A significant portion of the ads in those pop-ups can be sourced from rogue advertising networks and contain links to malicious pages, questionable content, and potentially unwanted software.

Never interact with "allow notification" prompts on similar misleading pages. The best thing you can do when you land on such a page is to simply close the browser window.

May 13, 2022