How to Avoid Pop-Ups

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News-fesihe dot cc is a misleading website. Its sole purpose is to get visitors who somehow landed on the page to allow push notifications and effectively allow the page to spam their browser with intrusive and potentially harmful ads and pop-ups.

The website at News-fesihe dot cc uses one of the most common tricks to get users to allow notifications. The page displays an image of a cute robot and a human next to it. This is a stock image commonly reused by websites that use the same lure. The idea is to get the user to believe that this is only an anti-bot check.

To deceive visitors, the page will also display the text "Press 'Allow' to verify that you are not a robot". This prompt is misleading and is there only to get visitors to click "Allow" in the "allow notifications" prompt that the browser will show.

The ads that users will allow in this way can be sourced from rogue advertising networks and may lead to pages containing potentially unwanted software, malware or questionable content.

The best way to handle pages similar to News-fesihe dot cc is to never interact with any unfamiliar page asking you to allow notifications. This is a simple trick to get intrusive ads in your browser and can potentially expose your system to further problems.

May 13, 2022