How to Stop Pop-Ups

browser hijacker

Mous1 dot biz is the name of a fraudulent website that attempts to lure visitors into allowing pop-ups and push notifications in their browser of choice.

The page that Mous1 dot biz will display contains a stock image and large-font text, informing the visitor that they won a $50 gift card. Of course, there is no gift card. This is all a simple but effective way to get trusting visitors excited.

Along with the promise of a non-existent gift card, the site will cause the browser's default "allow notifications" confirmation pop-up to appear. Clicking "allow" in this will lead to Mous1 dot biz displaying a stream of intrusive and potentially unsafe ads and pop-ups in your browser.

The advertisements served and delivered in your browser through those pop-ups can originate from rogue advertising networks and redirect to questionable content as well as malware-laced pages and are always a potential risk for further issues.

The best thing you can do if you run into a website similar to Mous1 dot biz that is promising you free gifts and asking you to allow push notifications in your browser is to simply close the page or browser tab. This is the best way to avoid any further nuisances and potential exposure to further threats.

May 10, 2022