Remove ModuleService

ModuleService is a fake Mac application, which may claim to offer useful features. Users will often install it on accident – either by interacting with fake downloads, or by not following the instructions of software bundles. Regardless of the delivery method, the consequences of ModuleService's installation are always similar. Users will experience random changes to their browser settings – such as redirects to 3rd-party websites on a regular basis. ModuleService is a Potentially Unwanted Program, which seems to promote 3rd-party search engines. It does this by setting them as the default new tab page or search aggregator of the browser or by triggering random redirects.

Dealing with ModuleService is definitely a good idea. Leaving it on your device will not enhance your online experience in any way. Instead, you may end up seeing unwanted ads, receiving subpar search results, or face other annoyances.

Getting rid of Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUPs) is no different when you compare it to Windows. While it might be possible to remove ModuleService manually, this is not a good idea. You will probably end up with leftover files that may continue to manipulate your Web browser's behavior. Our suggestion is to run an up-to-date Mac security tool. This is the best way to ensure that ModuleService will not bother you again. You should try to avoid future encounters with such PUPs by following two simple security measures:

  • Keep antivirus protection on your Mac at all times.
  • Avoid interacting with suspicious downloads and websites.
September 14, 2021