Remove Lisa Ransomware


The Lisa Ransomware infection is something that you should avoid at all costs. If this threat manages to infect your system, it will immediately render the majority of your files inaccessible. It does so by encrypting their contents. The file-locking mechanism that the Lisa Ransomware relies on is identical to the one seen in its parent family, the STOP/Djvu Ransomware. Unfortunately, these threats are incompatible with free decryption applications, which puts their victims in an unfortunate situation.

The Lisa Ransomware's attack is characterized by several, noticeable changes to the victim's system. For starters, all encrypted files will have the '.lisa' suffix added to their name. These files are typically documents, archives, images, and other media – the malware is able to encrypt dozens of file formats. Another change that the Lisa Ransomware makes is to create the '_readme.txt' ransom note document on the desktop. This file advises users to purchase a decryptor from the criminals, priced at $490.

It is worth adding that the Lisa Ransomware operators also offer test decryption for a single file. If your data has been locked by it, you should take this offer and submit one file for decryption by using their emails – and However, keep in mind that you should not agree to pay the ransom fee under any circumstances.

Why is Paying for the Lisa Ransomware Decryptor a Bad Idea?

First of all, the software is severely overpriced and there is no proof that you will get it in return. Even if the criminals do restore one of your files, this does not guarantee a positive outcome. They may still try to extort even more money from the victims who agree to pay.

Our suggestion is to remove the Lisa Ransomware by running an antivirus application, and then explore other data recovery tools.

December 17, 2021