JourneyDrive Adware Associated with Rogue Ad Networks

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JourneyDrive is the name of a newly discovered adware application that is a member of the AdLoad family of ad-supported software.

JourneyDrive can inject ads into the pages you browse or display them as pop-ups. This is expected behavior for all ad-supported apps, but there is one big issue with those ads in general.

Ad-supported software or adware can often work in conjunction with rogue ad networks.

Ads that are sourced from rogue ad networks may link to potentially dangerous pages and files. Clicks such ads can send you to malicious pages, misleading websites and other questionable content, as well as online scams and phishing portals.

JourneyDrive, like every AdLoad clone of recent memory, uses an icon that was specifically designed to help it stay hidden among your other legitimate applications - a generic grey circle with a white looking glass symbol in it. Removal of AdLoad clones is easy, as the adware doesn't have any persistence mechanisms. Simply drag it onto the Trash and then empty your Trash to remove it.

September 19, 2022