How to Decrypt the Johnquikchelper Ransomware


Johnquickhelper Ransomware is a dangerous piece of malware, which has the ability to encrypt a wide range of file types on the systems it infects. Typically, recovering from a file-encryption Trojan attack is very difficult, since the majority of them tend to use a very secure file-locking mechanism. Thankfully, the situation with the Johnquickhelper Ransomware might be a tad different.

Is the Johnquickhelper Ransomware Decryptable?

Analysis shows that this particular threat is based on a ransomware project known as HiddenTear. Originally released in 2016, this malware concept was meant to use for educational purposes. Unfortunately, plenty of cybercriminals hijacked and modified its code to craft their own file-lockers – like the Johnquickhelper Ransomware. The good news is that the original creator anticipated this and intentionally made the encryption tasks possible to reverse engineer. Hence allowing malware researchers to release a decryptor. If you are Johnquickhelper Ransomware's victim, you should use the free HiddenTear decryptor to recover your data.

If a free decryption option was not available, victims of the Johnquickhelper Ransomware would need to consider a hefty ransom payment. The criminal, using the email, has set the ransom amount to $750. They also threaten to increase it to $1,300 for victims who do not get in touch immediately. If Johnquickhelper Ransomware has infected your device, use the HiddenTear decryptor to initialize the data recovery process. Once you do this, focus on removing the infection with the help of antivirus software.

February 18, 2022