Remove Ads

ads adware is one of many domains used by a popular online advertising network. Typically, you would see these ads and redirects when visiting ad-ridden pages. However, some users report that their Web browser redirects them randomly, even when browsing legitimate sites such as YouTube, Twitter, and others. This issue might be caused by adware running on your device, and spawning ads in your Web browser.

It is important to add that the ad agency behind is not using adware to promote its ads. Instead, one of its affiliates might be using this shady tactic to generate more ad revenue. If you suspect that the ads are showing because of adware, then you should immediately take measures to identify and eradicate the threat.

In the meantime, you should also consider not interacting with any of the ads. They are likely to promote affiliate links to low-quality products and services. To eradicate the adware causing the issue, you should run an up-to-date security tool.

November 23, 2021