HorizonElite Adware Attacks Mac OS Computers

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HorizonElite is an adware application that targets Mac OS computers where it may be loaded and displayed as an icon within the Applications folder. While the HorizonElite adware app looks to be a simple add-on, it may have other components loaded on a Mac that permit it to display random pop-ups or advertisements. Such alerts may be misleading or lead computer users to a potentially malicious source.

The HorizonElite adware should not be trusted, and Mac computer users should take the proper precautions to eliminate such. Simply deleting the HorizonElite icon in the applications folder may not work to stop the annoying actions of HorizonElite and remove it completely from the system. Use of an antimalware tool may be required to completely eliminate HorizonElite and any of its associated components.

Adware like HorizonElite may come from random sources on the Internet where the computer user may have downloaded bundled apps or freeware from third-party sources. Computer users, including Mac OS computer users, should avoid such sources as they are prone to loading threats like HorizonElite without your knowledge or sometimes your consent.

August 12, 2022