SkyWebProcess Adware Affects Mac Computers

apple mac mini

SkyWebProcess is the name of yet another AdLoad clone. AdLoad is the name of a family of adware applications that affect Mac computers.

Adware or ad-supported software is a type of app that exists only to deliver advertisements to the system it is installed on. SkyWebProcess is yet another clone of the AdLoad family, one of the hundreds of similar apps. We have been covering those clones for a while - all of them using random names made up of two words mashed together. It seems AdLoad is evolving, as SkyWebProcess now used a name made up of a whopping three different words.

Apart from this, the adware works just like the other clones - it will deliver ads to your Mac. The issue with this is not just that those ads will slow down your connection and eat up bandwidth. Adware apps would often source their ads through rogue ad networks. This means the ads may link to unsafe pages, misleading websites and potentially unwanted apps.

The solution is simple - if you see SkyWebProcess among your Mac's applications, simply uninstall it by dragging and dropping it onto the Trash, then empty the Trash. This should take care of the ads displayed by SkyWebProcess.

July 25, 2022