AdjustableRotator is Adware That Affects Mac OS Computers

AdjustableRotator is an adware threat that affects Mac computers where it may enable the placement of many third-party ads or media content. The AdjustableRotator app may load when installing random freeware or bundled apps where ads may be displayed at random from ones that offer services to ones that may attempt to promote other software that proves to be malicious.

The mischievous actions of AdjustableRotator rank from its ability to track Internet activity to it hijacking Internet settings. In some instances, AdjustableRotator may lead to modification of Internet settings where an alternative site may be set as a default home page or new tab page. In such circumstances, Mac computer users should take prompt action to eliminate AdjustableRotator so the settings may be reversed and allow the user to set their desired default home page.

The use of an antimalware program will suffice to automatically detect and remove AdjustableRotator. Simply deleting the AdjustableRotator icon within the Applications folder may not work to completely remove AdjustableRotator as it may have other components loaded on a Mac OS system.

August 11, 2022