Goog dot muendakere dot xyz is a browser hijacker.

Browser hijackers are categorized as potentially unwanted apps. Hijackers can make changes to your browser's settings without your permission. Additionally, some hijackers can also display ads in your browser and redirect you to pages that may be potentially unsafe.

Browser hijackers may also change your home page, as well as the default search engine used by your browser - the one that is used when you type a search query directly into your address bar.

Finally, some hijackers have data collection capabilities and may store and re-sell information about your search queries and browsing history. The combination of all those things makes the presence of any browser hijacker on your system undesirable.

Usually, hijackers are easy to uninstall and don’t have particularly strong persistence mechanisms.  A lot of them manifest themselves as a browser extension or addon that you can remove easily.

July 8, 2022