Remove GonnaCope Ransomware

GonnaCope Ransomware is a low-effort file-encryption Trojan that, unfortunately, is still capable of causing a lot of trouble. The criminals behind this threat appear to be spreading it via cracked apps and games, as well as other pirated content. We advise you to only use legal software and games, and to avoid visiting websites associated with the distribution of pirated files. In addition to this, you can enhance your system's security against such malware attacks by investing in a reputable anti-malware service.

The GonnaCope Ransomware is capable of causing massive damage and, unfortunately, it seems that there is a bug in its file-encryption algorithm. Due to this mistake, it is very likely that the encrypted data is impossible to decipher – even the operators of the malware will not be able to do so. Sadly, this means that victims of the GonnaCope Ransomware will be unable to get their files back, unless they have access to a fairly recent backup copy of their data.

The GonnaCope Ransomware marks files it damages with the '.cope' extension, and then drops the ransom note 'ReadMe.txt.' This message urges victims to send $100 worth of Bitcoin to the wallet address mentioned in the message. However, the hackers do not provide any information about a decryptor or their contact details – making it obvious that they have not intent to help their victims.

Needless to say, you should not accept to send a penny to GonnaCope Ransomware's creators. Instead, use an anti-malware scanner to eradicate the threat and stop it from causing more damage. Then, explore alternative data recovery solutions.

By Ruik
April 28, 2022
April 28, 2022